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IT Outsourcing

Even the best IT systems are only as effective as the people and service behind them.  Your organization simply may not be able to justify the costs and risks associated with hiring a full-time person or staff.  Or perhaps you’ve already gone the full-time route and realize that it’s time for a change.  Savvy business owners and managers alike realize that they can get all the benefits of having a full-time staff, and more, at a fraction of the cost by outsourcing Information Technology.

There are thousands of U.S.-based companies that offer IT outsourcing for small business and medium-size enterprise, but very few that deliver world class, 100% US-based IT outsourcing that includes:

  • Service Surveys with each closed incident for real-time satisfaction tracking.

  • Multiple methods to reach support:Telephone, web-based customer portal or e-mail.

  • No cherry-picking! If it’s IT related, we take the call and solve the issue – at no extra cost.  This includes Windows PCs, Microsoft Office, popular software titles, Servers, Apple OS X, server, networking, mobile devices and line of business software.

  • Local support. We operate out of New England and Dickinson with a full-time staff of our own highly skilled, trained, and certified engineers.

  • For clients with offices outside of the ND area, we leverage a national network of vetted providers backed by a Fortune 100 organization.

  • Best-in-class issue tracking and knowledgebase system. We keep documentation of customer reported issues. This allows our engineers to quickly and efficiently identify trends and focus on the source of an IT problem at its core.

100% US-Based IT outsourcing with offices in New England and Dickinson North Dakota

Our experience in the IT outsourcing business have made us acutely aware and keenly focused on two main goals:

  1. Deliver a better level of support than any in-house staff could provide.

  2. Have the end users love and embrace the service that outsourcing IT provides.

Reduce your overhead, increase your productivity, and provide yourself with peace of mind by outsourcing your IT to CortecG.

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