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Best Office 365 Outlook Shortcuts

These are the top 10 Office 365 shortcuts!

Here’s some of the most helpful Office 365 Shortcuts:

  • Jump to the Search the calendar edit box – Ctrl+E

  • Open the Go to Date edit box – Alt+H+L or Ctrl+G

  • Create a new appointment – Ctrl+N or Ctrl+Shift+A

  • Create a new meeting request – Ctrl+Shift+Q or Alt+H, M+R

  • Create a new item – Alt+H+I

  • Create a new task – Control + Shift + K

  • Forward an opened appointment or meeting – Ctrl+F

  • Set up recurrence for an appointment or task – Ctrl+G

  • Open an appointment when the reminder appears – Alt+O

  • Open the reminder window – Alt+V+M

  • Snooze when reminder appears – Alt+S

  • Dismiss when reminder appears – Alt+D

  • Daily view – Alt + D

  • Weekly view- Alt + W

  • Go to the next day – Ctrl+Right Arrow

  • Go to the next week – Alt+Down Arrow

  • Go to the next month – Alt+Page Down

  • Go to the previous day – Ctrl+Left Arrow

  • Go to the previous week – Alt+Up Arrow

  • Go to the previous month – Alt+Page Up

  • Go to the start of the week – Alt+Home

  • Go to the end of the week – Alt+End

  • Go to previous appointment – Alt+End Ctrl+Comma or Ctrl+Shift+Comma

  • Go to next appointment – Ctrl+Period or Ctrl+Shift+Period

  • Show today in the calendar – Alt+H, O+D

  • Show the next seven days – Alt+H+X

  • Show the daily view – Alt+H+R or Ctrl+Alt+1

  • Show the work week – Alt+H+K or Ctrl+Alt+2

  • Show the entire week – Alt+H+W or Ctrl+Alt+3 or Alt+Minus sign

  • Show the month – Alt+H+T or Ctrl+Alt+4 or Alt+Equal sign S

  • Show 10 days in the calendar – Alt+0

  • Show one day in the calendar – Alt+1 (for 2 days – Alt+2 and so forth)

  • Add shared calendars from other people or create a new calendar – Alt+H, O+C

  • Create a new calendar group or add a department calendar – Alt+H, C+G

  • Email a selected calendar to another person – Alt+H+E

  • Share a calendar with others – Alt+H, S+C

  • Publish a calendar online – Alt+H, P+O

  • Flag an email that you need to follow-up on – Control + Shift + G

  • Spell check – F7

These make my life so much easier!


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