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The Most Searched Computer Keywords In Google


Computers and smartphones are the two devices that have taken over this world by storm. A computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, or a Mac, is one of the most recognized devices that you will find everywhere today. A computer not only helps us make our lives simpler but also helps us to keep in touch with our near and dear ones, conduct business transactions, connect people and so on.

So, if you’re a computer manufacturing company or if you're a business that’s into networking, sale of computers and other peripheral devices such as printers, Mac books, keyboards, etc., to reach out to your target audience, you would want to know which keywords containing the term ‘Computer’ do most users search for on Google.

  1. what is cloud computing

  2. what is a computer

  3. how to build a computer

  4. what is computer science

  5. who invented the computer

  6. how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

  7. why is my computer slow

  8. can my computer run it

  9. how to authorize a computer on iTunes

  10. how to authorize a computer for iTunes

Now I would think number 7 would be a great keyword to build an MSP website around. I could be wrong though but I was honestly surprised by a lot of these keywords. We don't use any of them, but I would bet many of these would drive residential computer repair traffic to the website and that is not our target.

What keywords are most effective to drive traffic to your website?

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